Amazing Coffee Benefits For Liver Health

Coffee is known to have a thousand of benefits ranging from improving the taste vigilant to prevent certain diseases . In fact , a large study showed that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of death from specific types of cirrhosis ( hardening ) of the liver .
The study involved more than 63,000 people aged 45-74 years living in Singapore . Since 1993 , they were asked about diet , lifestyle , and their medical history . Participants were then followed for an average of 15 years . During this period, 114 participants died of liver stiffness .
According to a study published in the journal Hepatology , drinking two or more cups of coffee a day is associated with reduced risk of death 66 percent of deaths due to hardening of the liver caused by a non - viral hepatitis .
Known , according to the National Institutes of Health , in addition to the virus , the cause of hardening of the liver is alcohol drinking habits and consumption of drugs . Then , one of the immune system to recognize a healthy liver cells as a virus and attack it . However, in a new study , drinking coffee does not reduce the risk of hardening of the liver caused by a virus .
Drinking tea , fruit juice , or soft drinks has no effect on the risk of hardening of the liver . While alcohol actually increases the risk . In contrast , the caffeine in coffee lowers the risk .
Woon Puay Koh , researchers study the origin of the Duke - NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and the National University of Singapore , said , this is the first study to show the effects of coffee on liver stiffness non - viral .
However, Koh recognize the results of this study are more suitable intended for use in Western countries . Because the non - viral liver stiffness is more common in Western countries , not in Asia .
" However , with increasing adapting the western culture in Asia , it is possible that the prevalence of the disease has increased , " said Koh .
According to WHO , hardening of the liver is the number 11 cause of death in the United States . Meanwhile , 1.3 percent of worldwide deaths caused by the disease .