Insomnia Solutions

insomnia solutions

Looking for a natural recipe to help you sleep better ? The combination of a glass of milk snack plus a handful of Brazil nuts could be an option at bedtime .
The secret revealed by U.S. researchers after conducting research diet and sleep 4,500 respondents . Researchers also asked the respondent 's health and lifestyle .
As a result, certain minerals and acids in the diet may help you sleep better . Based on these results , the research recommends Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and potassium as a healthy snack before bed . After that , followed by a glass of milk rich in calcium for a comfortable night's sleep .
According to lead researcher Michael Grandner of Pennysylvania University , these findings suggest a natural and easy to find ingredients may also be considered as a solution to sleep problems . This recipe is also effective even overcome sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia .
" The importance of diet is sometimes forgotten when faced with the problem of sleep disorders . Though diet , sleep , physical activity , and other activities that are part of a healthy lifestyle so to influence our body . Especially in the way we think , feel , and action , " said Grandner .
According to research , women workers are among the most vulnerable one sleep disorder . Although it has taken into account various factors such as age , gender , education , salary , and mental health , some elements in the diet was also associated with sleep patterns .
Studies prove , insomnia complaints was reduced by 20 percent of respondents currently modified diet . This changes the impact of the addition of 17 percent kalsiun intake and increased levels of selenium until doubled . Another is the increased intake of carbohydrates , vitamin D , butanoic acid ( butyric acid ) and dodecanoic acid ( lauric acid ) . Butyric and lauric acid found in milk .
While complaints tiredness or fatigue on the day of the respondents was reduced by 30 percent due to potassium intake twice as much calcium and increased consumption by 19 percent .
Related intake , poor sleep patterns usually associated with the consumption of two types of fat found in cheese and butter . The fat is hexanoic acid and hexadecanoic . Both are also present in the salt and a variety of beverages , except water .