Not Enjoying Hobbies Again? Depression caution!


Symptoms of anhedonia , or the inability to enjoy something that initially enjoyed is one symptom that is often expressed in the presentation of the cases of depression at the summit event . Some psychiatrists express their patient cases emphasizing anhedonia as one of the important symptoms are considered to be one of the determining factors of therapeutic efficacy as well .
It is a little bit different from what I've heard and get out of the cases that are usually expressed psychiatrists - psychiatrists in the United States about his patients .
The inability to do something because fatigue is one symptom of depression is most often associated with cases of depression experienced by the United States . Of course there are also the symptoms of anhedonia , but not the focus because for those who make it difficult is when a person does not have the energy to perform their daily work activities . Inability to enjoy a hobby not to be one important factor . The important thing is to work and have the energy for it .
Different viewpoints
I'm just trying to analyze how your emphasis on the conditions of mental disorders can differ significantly in terms of suppression of symptoms . Yes it should be understood that although the diagnosis is the same eg Major Depression Disorder , the symptoms experienced by patients may be different .
Classically , the main complaints were depressed mood or atmosphere is decreased feeling , loss of interest or a sense of despair and psychomotor decline . When viewed from the symptoms complained of the three classic symptoms are usually found in depressed patients only possible where a prominent symptom suppression was also related to each individual .
I was thinking whether because of cultural character and background so that the Europeans prefer the symptoms of anhedonia and Americans prefer or psychomotor symptoms associated with fatigue and inability to work .
Indeed, if viewed in terms of the atmosphere in Europe is Paris is a bit different from the atmosphere in America . Paris looks more relaxed . Dinner is more formal and old , many filled by chatting . Meanwhile, while in the U.S. , everything is a little faster and create something that can be eaten to linger .
But of course this can not be concluded because I've seen one city in Europe , while there are still many that have not been explored . However, the emphasis of different symptoms in both continents makes us more aware that cultural relationships and backgrounds of the people will relate well to the character displayed symptoms within patients who have mental health disorders .