Men Need Estrogen to Preserve Libido


For matters of masculinity , male identical to the hormone testosterone . But to keep his sexual desires remain well in old age , men also need the female hormone estrogen .
A new study indicates that men who lack the hormone estrogen in the body greater risk of experiencing symptoms of " male menopause " , such as sexual desire is gone . In addition , they are also prone to obesity .
" Testosterone deficiency in men known to influence matters pertaining to kejantan man . But actually it is also associated with estrogen deficiency , " said study researcher , Dr. Joel Finkelstein , of Massachusett General Hospital .
Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men . Then , changing his body partly in the form of testosterone into estrogen . Both are needed to prevent aging .
Unfortunately , men often face common problems of reduced production of testosterone in the body due to aging . As a result , estrogen production was also reduced .
The study involved 400 healthy male volunteers aged 20 to 50 years . They were given monthly injections of the drug that can lower their testosterone production while .
They also were given varying doses of testosterone in gel form . Some were given a placebo gel . And they are also given a drug that prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen .
The study was designed to facilitate the researchers compared the effects of differences in levels of each hormone . Effects are measured , among others, for strength and body composition .
After 16 weeks , the researchers noted , muscle mass and strength depends on the hormone testosterone , and fat mass depends on estrogen . Both are required to maintain sexual desire and performance .
Nevertheless, experts assess , study period was too short to see the benefits and risks of long-term , such as the effects of testosterone supplementation on cardiac , cognitive , prostate enlargement or cancer .
As well as , a reduction that is not natural testosterone production may not correspond to the real situation . The researchers say further research is needed to enhance the findings of this conclusion .