Safe Sex

Safe Sex - Sexual activity is a risk of transmission of some diseases are classified into sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Transmission occurs due to any sexual activity almost always involves physical contact, and any physical contact there is always the risk of exchange of body fluids. If by chance one spouse suffers from diseases such as hepatitis B or HIV then the disease can be transmitted sexually couple.
Some simple way to avoid the disease that spread by sexual contact are as follows:
For you who have never had sex:
Do not have sex before marriage (sexual abstinence) and after marriage be faithful to your partner (monogamy)
If you are already having sex:
1. Get to know your partner is there any chance your partner suffering from one disease PMS, if necessary labaratorium do tests to find out if your partner is suffering from one disease PMS
2. If you are unsure or in doubt whether healthy or not your spouse / or your sexual activity with someone who is very prone to develop PMS such as rare-PSK should take the following steps
• Use a condom every Sexual intercourse and make sure you use a condom the right way
• If you are a woman and you do not want a male partner to wear a condom then put on female condom
• If you perform oral sex on a male partner wear a condom coated with spermicide and have aroma and flavor you prefer
• If you perform oral sex on a woman wear a protective partner called a dental dam is placed between the mouth and the vagina, or between the mouth and the anus. If the dental hard to come by you can make your own dental dam out of a condom man or of medical gloves or you can use plastic food wrap.
• If you want to do by hand stimulation such as mutual masturbation (mutual maasturbasi) you can protect your hands by wearing surgical gloves.
• Or do sexual activity without penetration as just doing a kiss, a touch, or massage.
• Perform sexual activity without physical contact such as by telephone or via the Internet (cybersex)