Is Spontaneous Sex Better?

Spontaneous Sex

Everyone wants a perfect love life, no exception. But have you got?

There may be a lot of questions about getting the perfect love life. But there are some false myths about sex that many people still believe.

1. You and your partner should be in the "mood" fuck.

When you and your partner are in the "mood" fuck, it might be easier to achieve satisfaction together. This does not mean you and your partner should always be when making love. If only one of you in the "mood", then you can stimulate a partner with a longer foreplay or naughty games that can ignite passion.

2. Best sex is without a plan.

In fact this time everything needs to be planned, including sex. Choosing the right time to have sex is when you and your partner are in a relaxed state and not tersibukkan with work. Aside some time each week for sex will increase your intimacy with your partner.

3. Making love should be done three times a week.

Making love regularly is certainly beneficial to your relationship. But do not get too hung up on the amount you have sex every week. Almost all couples who are happy not to have sex every day, even two or three times a week. The important thing is you and your partner satisfied with the frequency of sex are you doing right now with a partner. If you have not had enough then you can discuss it with your partner.

4. Good sex is a long and slow tempo.

Not everyone has the time to fuck with a long duration. So do not force to get sexual gratification by doing long and slow tempo. Sex in a short time in the morning can be a solution to improve intimacy and achieve your satisfaction and your partner.