Choosing the Right Sleep Position

right sleep position
Are you the type who often has trouble falling asleep or frequent waking with a sore body condition? Because it could be your sleeping position. Most people do not know the importance of choosing the right sleep position.
Sometimes, insomnia is a symptom of certain diseases. By doing improper sleeping position, the only compound the problem and make the disease worse.
Dr. Carol Ash, a sleep specialist gave some predictions about your favorite sleep position, as reported by the Health Today below.
- Sleep on your back.
Some people like to sleep on his back with one arm raised above their heads. Sometimes this position can cause numbness on waking. According to Dr. Ash, people often snore when sleeping on your back, especially when people used to lie. Raise your arms above your head open rib, this then leads to snoring and breathing problems.
- Lying on your side.
People who always sleep sideways often experience pain in the lower back. Dr. Ash suggests you should sleep on their backs, not too often sleep sideways. Sleep on your back will keep your spine. Placing a pillow under your knees is also good for the spine.
- Lying on your side when injured.
Sleeping position can become a habit. When you’re sleeping in a certain position for too long, you will unconsciously return to that position when sleeping. So what if I am injured? It could be your sleeping position to make the injury worse. Dr. Ash recommends that you protect the injured area, as supported by a pillow. That way you’ll be more careful when it is not time to sleep.