5 Cause Diet Failed

5 Cause Diet Failed - Have you ever been dieting efforts that have been made ended in vain, because instead of just lean your weight gain?
You are not alone as almost a third of the women surveyed answered their weight actually rose after the diet. To find out what really happened, known to be the trigger five reasons:
1. Disturbed body balance
A survey in the UK found that 1 in 3 women start dieting at age 15-20 years. Most of the diet on a regular basis three times a year, and about 10 per cent of five times a year.
The problem is, often the chosen method is too strict diet so disturbed metabolism and cause the body’s balance. For example, restricting too much fat can lead to excess carbohydrates that the body can not burn fat cells so surprising. Strict diet also often lead to increased appetite.
2. Spirit up and down
One of the things that makes the diet did not last long is the mentality of “on” and “off”. While we were in the “on” position and then for some reason did not discipline, they often feel like a failure, and then back to “off” and fall back into unhealthy eating habits.
In fact, in this life we ​​can not always go perfectly, including the weight loss efforts. If you eat the most, ask yourself why? Do you make an effort to get a taste of food comfortable or happy?
Losing weight requires a consistency that should be a reasonable approach. Who could hold if we only ate 2 tablespoons of rice and vegetables every meal?
3. Eat disliked foods
Compel yourself only eating certain foods we do not like will cause distress and increase stress hormones. Quite often it actually makes us a “craving” or difficult to resist the urge to snack.
4. The food is “false”
Now widely available special diet foods actually taste a variety of substances added. Fast food is claimed added nutrients, which of course is not natural. These substances can actually act as pollutants to the body.
5. Many foods forbidden
According to a survey in the UK, there are five types of foods most difficult detained, the chocolate, crisps Kenting, cheese, bread, and wine.
In the concept of balance, you really do not have to feel guilty if mengasup little cake or chocolate. But the limit, not too often.