Sleep is More Important than Sex?

Recent research shows that many couples are now more interested in sleep than have sex. The findings of the experts from the United States asserts that life after marriage and sex antarpasangan apparently not simple.A recent study from the National Sleep Foundation found that one in four Americans who have been married admitted lack of sleep. They claim to be too tired to have sex with their partner. No wonder why sleep beats sex. Because, after marriage, work obligations, family needs, and social interaction took a lot of energy to take precedence.

Not to mention the problem of financial stress, health, and welfare of relationships, sexual activity puts into the bottom of the list. In fact, when it had to be in bed, a lot of couples happier than hand-held gadget husband or wife."Many of us are multitasking throughout the day in a long time. It can enrich the capabilities themselves, but also the expense of your sex life," says Amy Levine, sex observer and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure.In some cases, fatigue is not the only reason for sex aside. There are also people with health conditions with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is the cause. Another factor that is overly busy lifestyle, boredom, and low sexual desire.According to a 2008 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, one-third of the respondents find their sexual desire is low. Low libido in both men and women a lot of triggers, such as stress, anxiety, and worry. Those with low libido feel too tired to have sex. Experts believe that low libido is a problem for the couple."Many women feel satisfied and enjoy after intercourse takes place. However, they are too tired and stressed to feel sexual desire," said Laurie Mintz, associate professor of psychology at the University of Florida and author of A Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex.In his book, Laurie gives advice on how couples can again increase sexual arousal, satisfaction, and sexual function run properly. Couples are advised to sleep regularly and devote more time when you wake up in the morning for a couple.According to Laurie, sometimes couples need to think differently than usual. If they used to have sex at night, a habit that can be changed. Quickie in the morning will feel more intimate and exciting. If a couple already has children, occasionally Leave them to the caregiver or parent. Then, set a special date together. "The meeting is scheduled to help rebuild relationships and relieve tension in your relationship," he said.