Diamonds for Jewelry Teeth, Is it safe?

Are you a fan of jewelry studded with diamonds? Apparently, this time diamonds are not only used as an ornament in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings only. The latest trend in society today is the installation of diamond in the teeth! Yes, many people who use the diamonds in his teeth to meet their aesthetic appearance, get attention, make the symbol of fashion, and want to be a unique figure in their communities. Various types of jewelry worn on the teeth was not only diamonds, jewelery made of teeth 18 karat white gold, yellow gold 22 karat and 24 karat, or crystal glass is also popularly used. Wide range of colors and shapes available for jewelry that is designed specifically for the tooth. Installation of jewelry is usually performed on both maxillary incisors or maxillary canines. It is important that the use of jewelry in the tooth is not vain, you should know the advantages, disadvantages, and both procedures in the installation. The advantage of mounting jewelry in the teeth, merely for the sake of fashion. Loss which may be accepted is, the disruption process of the mineral is lost in the teeth (tooth remineralization) due to the procedure of acidic material to attach the jewelry in the tooth. However, tooth jewelery installation procedures performed in the dentist can minimize the side effects that will be accepted. The procedure is usually done is the provision of topical fluoride on teeth that have been carried out installation of jewelry, to facilitate the remineralization of the email. Another thing to keep in mind in consideration of the use of jewelry in the teeth is a condition of the tooth should be good, healthy, free of holes, do not shake. And if necessary, the doctor will first perform nerve treatment first. Resistance of tooth jewelry is usually dependent on the time of installation procedures and maintenance by the patient. Typically, about six months or more. Finally, patients should be able to maintain health and cleanliness of the oral cavity, as well as routine cleaning of the teeth by a dentist to maintain the resilience of teeth jewelry and minimize side effects that will arise. So, Do you want to have a diamond smile?