Sitting Work And Our Health

Sitting Work And Our Health

In today's urbanized world, people often prefer sedentary work, which at first glance seem easier and safer, which is not true.

It had the mobility caused by this type of activity leads to such negative phenomena: depression in the muscles, abdomen and pelvis, the deterioration of brain oxygen supply, decreases metabolism and so on.

Proved that people who regularly (at least three times a week doing gymnastics, three times less often suffer from cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease); hypodynamia - one reason the development of diabetes, degenerative changes in the joints, depression, permanent hypodynamia, sedentary office work and chair of the TV leads to erektyvnoyi dysfunction, sedentary lifestyle and chronic fatigue syndrome sharply lower defenses - resistance to infection and adverse environmental factors.

"Exercise can replace many drugs."

A. musset

Hipokineziya (from the Greek. Hypo - reduction, reduction, failure, and kinesis - movement) - the special status of the body caused by insufficient physical activity. In some cases, this condition leads to hypodynamia. Hypodynamia (from the Greek. Hypo - reduction and dinamis - force) - the combination of adverse morphologic and functional changes in the body due to prolonged hipokineziyi. This atrophic changes in muscles, general physical netrenovanist, netrenovanist cardiovascular system, reduce canting stability, change water and salt balance of blood, bone demineralization, etc. This leads to a decrease in functional activity of organs and systems, interruption of activities of regulatory mechanisms that ensure their relationship, broken resistance to various unfavorable factors, reduced volume and intensity of afferent information associated with muscle, disturbed coordination of movements , decreased muscle tone, endurance and power performance.

Impressed by the dramatic reduction of physical activity muscle atrophy occurs in connection with which the number of adipose tissue. Functional changes in the cardiovascular system initially appears as breathlessness and rapid heart beat faster when walking fast, there are pain in the heart during physical work and negative emotions, etc. Under hypodynamia strength decreases heart rate, minute volume decreases, the mass of the heart and its energy potential, weakened heart muscle, decreases the number of circulating blood in connection with its zastoyuvannyam the depot and capillaries. Tone of arterial and venous vessels weakens, decreasing blood pressure, worsening of tissue oxygen (hypoxia) and the intensity of metabolism (upsetting the balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water and salt). Less vital lung capacity and pulmonary ventilation, gas exchange intensity. This all leads to the weakening of the relationship of motor and autonomic functions. Changes of central nervous system led to asenizatsiyi syndrome, which is shown rapid fatigue, emotional instability, in some cases is accompanied by irritability, propensity to conflict.

Sedentary work often involves long periods of time at the computer. Using neerhonomichnoyi while mouse and keyboard to cause, widespread today, tunnel syndrome. He caused peretyskannyam nerve wrist (median nerve), which takes place in special channels formed by bones and connections. Naturally, nerve compression, we feel pain. Originally appearing Tupa pain, numbness or discomfort in the wrist joint, after several hours. If this do nothing and continue to work as before, a year or two will come the second stage - the feeling of burning in brush, which appears to work late and will not go away, as before, and continues to disturb another two or three hours on end of the day, moving slowly in tupu, weak pain. It arises from thickening of the tendon that is inflamed and they start to put pressure on the nerve (the channel diameter decreases) in the difficult position of hands. Around the same time can appear in the same wrist pain (outside hand) and the finger, especially the index and middle, are most used in the work. Thus our body tries to cope with unfavorable position, and between start delayed lymph cartilages which vymyvaye infected and inflamed cells. In the normal scenario, this process reaches its goal (cells washed out) and lymph resolves itself. If the load on the long arms, the inflammation is not terminated and lymph accumulates. Largest influx of lymph in the night time period, so this time the worst pain and soon the only way the situation will be surgery.

Obviously, sedentary job has its drawbacks that adversely affect health and well-being. The main problem of this kind of activity is the lack of physical activity. But it can be compensated, it is only willing. There are many ways, including for everyone to taste.

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