Staying Young : Easy Steps To Combat Aging Wisely

If there was a method to escape and defy time and enjoy the pleasure of staying your forver would you take it? I would and I am sure you would too. You might think this sounds impossible but the good news is it is very possible. It is just a matter of giving extra care and attention to yourself and emphasizing your features to bring out the best of what you have. I will share some very easy steps in this article that you can follow to start defying your age.

Since a long time ago, it was observed that smoking is bad not only for health but it also damages the skin. Over time, people have become more aware that smoking is bad because the effects were very evident among chronic smokers. Some of the effects include premature lines and folds coming from the corner of the eyes to the zygomatic are. Although this is a natural aging process, smoking accelerates this process. Smoking causes the skin to have dry and leathery appearance, haggard appearance and more.

Nicotine in cigarettes acts as a vasoconstrictor which constricts the blood flow in our body and hence inhibits the smooth and easy flow of oxygen and nutrients to their destination. Besides that, nicotine has a diuretic effect in which it saps the body of moisture making our skin tough and dry.

A harmful by product of smoking is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide has a higher affinity to blood cells than oxygen which reduce the amount of oxygen to many areas in the body especially the skin.

Smoking also contains a large number of free radicals that attack healthy cells and damage normal tissues. Smoking reduces Vitamin A and collagen in the body. Vitamin A is used in the repairing function of the body. Collagen, on the other hand, is a protein that produces new and healthy skin.

Having a proper posture and sitting up straight while putting your shoulder back is very important for your health and appearance. You can look slimmer, taller and more confident just by having a proper posture. People who have a correct posture tend to look younger and healthier. Having a good posture can also give you an instant weight loss of 10 pounds.

A correct posture puts your muscles, joints and your organs in their correct position. The chances of you sufferinf from back and neck problems are significantly reduced as well. You can also prevent your spine from becoming abnormally fixed which can lead to fatigue, headaches and some organ problems. With a correct posture you can also experience less strain because you do not have to overstrain your muscles.

Sex is the best form of exercise! Yes, it really is and studies have proven that couples in the 40's who have sex at least three times weekly look younger than those who enjoy it less regularly. Studies have shown that the faces of these couples have less lines and wrinkles and have smoother skin. The main cause of this is a hormone called oxytocin which is relased during sex that acts as a stress release hormone.

By Ray Lam