The Quick And Easy Secrets To Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant doesn't have to take long, even though a woman's fertile period only lasts for two to four days. In actuality there are plenty of small, simple steps both a woman and her partner can take in order to conceive quickly. The first of step, of course, is to consult with a medical professional to ensure that both parties are healthy and in an optimal state to conceive.

To ensure a healthy vessel for a new baby to grow in, women should be sure to eat lots of vegetable, take their vitamins, exercise, and do whatever is necessary to remain healthy.

The menstrual period on average is around twenty eight days. If it is twenty nine days then count fifteen days for your cycle and if thirty, count sixteen. I think you get the picture. Be advised that this method is not always accurate but it is one of the many metrics you can use to pinpoint the right time to get pregnant.

The average menstrual period is twenty-eight days. The average ovulation period is two to four days. To get a general idea of when you begin ovulating, and assuming you have a twenty-eight day cycle, simply count forward fourteen days from the first day of your period. If your cycle is twenty-nine days, count fifteen days forward, and so and so forth. Remember to adjust accordingly to your individual cycle.

Simply taking your temperature every day is another way to chart ovulation. Your temperature will elevate slightly, a few tenths of a degree to be exact, while you are ovulating and remain elevating throughout your period. Using both a thermometer and an ovulation calendar will help you to pinpoint when your body is most fertile.

Some women actually feel abdominal cramps when ovulating; this gives them an additional indicator as to when they are ovulating. When you are ovulating then it is time to get with your partner and enjoy some intimacy. When it comes to sexual intercourse it is imperative that both of you really enjoy it, spice it up so that both of you can orgasm, this in actual fact aids in the process of getting pregnant.

After intercourse relax, do not immediately jump out of bed, prop up those hips and do everything you can to help the sperm reach its destination. When sperm gets released into the vagina it has around two days to fertilize the ripe egg, so frequent sex during this period will improve your chances of success. Predicting ovulation is really the key ingredient to getting pregnant; of course there is also the question of your health. Both of you need to be healthy.

The first step to getting pregnant quickly is getting to know your body. With just a little help and a few changes in your lifestyle, you could soon be welcoming a new family member to your life.

By Benjamin Wise