Weight Loss Programs and Extreme Diets Will Never Work

Many people are very similar to you. They are tired of constantly trying new exercises and diets that just will never work. Your motivated at first, but as time progresses you become tired of it, and you feel as if you have failed again.

Does the above description sound like you? Are you angry and frustrated about why your diet programs are not working? Just like you, many others feel the same way. There are countless reasons explaining why diets fail and this article will cover the most important.

Your weight loss program failed because it was bogus. Extreme diets will burn you out, making it hard to maintain consistency. Exercises using absurd movements and consuming limited types of foods is not sustainable in the long haul. You have to choose an exercise and diet program that you will enjoy doing in the short term and for the long term in order to drop that weight for good.

Another reason why you don't stick to your weight loss program
could be that you were lacking support from those around you. Perhaps family members didn't back you up and pressured you to just take one bite of dessert with the rest of them. Maybe your friends didn't respect your decision to start working out; perhaps they even made fun of you! Support is critical. Try joining a weight loss support group full of people just like you, or hiring a personal trainer to help you stay motivated.

Another reason could be that you were dieting incorrectly (i.e. not exercising, or over exercising and under eating). The goals were never reached and you quit out of disappointment and frustration. Diet and exercise must be done together to experience effective weight loss. A workout plan must include both diet and exercise.

You may not have seen the results you wanted due to your own impatience. It takes time for your body to adapt to a new lifestyle. It could take several weeks before you see any weight loss. Your body is hard to change, so you have to force it to change and be alert by sticking with your diet and exercise plan. If you stay patient with a good plan, you are sure to see results.

A final reason for you to quit your weight loss program could be that you lacked a bona fide commitment. It is impossible to begin a new lifestyle with only half the motivation. Diet and exercise plans require full mental commitment. You will find yourself taking shortcuts around your diet and become frustrated when the scale goes up not down. Personally commit to this workout plan from day 1 and don't look back. Remember that if you continue to do what you always did then you will get what you always got.

Ironically, the secret to weight loss is not actually a secret to anyone. We have always know what it is: a healthy diet and exercise are what will help us lose weight. There is no miracle way to get that perfect body. There is absolutely no "instant fat loss" cure. Pick a healthy workout that you enjoy and will maintain. Keep realistic goals and your diet will have you thin in no time.

By Robert Kaufman
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