Breast Cancer Treatment and Side Effects

Breast cancer has several stages starting from early to advanced stage. You can detect early stage after a few weeks of development. At the advanced stage cancer spread to other organs. Depending on the stage the treatment varies. Reoccurrence of breast cancer happens in case of malignant tumors.

Breast cancer is an ancient disease. Descriptions of it existed as early as 3000 B.C., and Spanish and Italian surgeons wrote accounts of mastectomies in the 1500s. However effective treatment of breast cancer is
a modern day achievement. The first real advance occurred when a Baltimore surgeon named William Hallstead explained his ideas on how the disease progressed and proposed a new surgical treatment for it.

Better treatment over the last decade has slashed breast cancer death rates in the United States and Britain drastically. Early detection and diagnosis is the key to effective treatment. Breast cancer can be treated with easy when tumors are small at initial stages.

There are various treatment options available for different types and stages of breast cancer. These treatment types are based on four main techniques: surgery, quimiotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal treatment. The primary breast cancer treatment is determined by tumor factors and by patient preference.

The aesthetic outcome of breast cancer treatment is an important factor in breast cancer. The visualization work for your breast cancer treatment should be tailored to you needs and the way you perceive the outcome. Dealing with the physical aspects of breast cancer treatment is only one part of the healing processbut it is an important process that you should consider just as intently as the other portions of your treatment.

There is no easy solution, but there are millions of breast cancer survivors who have returned to happy normal lives. Take the time to educate yourself and make an informed decision to join those survivors.

By Ray Lam