What are the Causes of Hair Loss

By C S Liner

Hair Loss has many causes a major one is because of genetic reasons, which are generally shared by both men and women. Getting hair loss for the first time is quiet upsetting even to the most robust of personalities. Because of the way genetics work it is usually difficult and expensive to diagnose properly.

Hair follicle damage is another universal cause that can occur because of many lifestyle and environmental factors. While some of the follicle damage are not possible to fix, there are some that can be quickly addressed. As with many things there are often some problems that can be addressed by adjustments to hairstyling and care techniques.

What Causes Hair Follicle Damage?

With follicle damage happening more regularly to both men and women these days, we want to know some of the causes. These have been tracked to using to many chemicals, heat damage and breaking of the follicles. Fortunately damage like this can be prevented or slowed to help reduce further hair loss.

With everybody using new and in many cases new types of hair treatments there has been a growth in men using these same products. Unfortunately in many cases these have started to be the problem, and because of the strength of these products today some of the damage is starting to become more severe. This damage can become irreparable and may even cause the hair to die.

One cause that is often overlooked is the damage done by using a hair dryer. Because men are starting to use a hair dryer more as well they are now experiencing the damage caused by this. By overusing a hair dryer and cooking your hair this can also lead to ongoing hair loss.

Hair brushing can cause follicular breakage leading to Hair loss. This breakage occurs when hair is pulled and ripped during the hair brushing act. The more damage that occurs during the hair brushing, the less new hair that may grow from the follicle. Hair follicle damage from brushing can occur with both dry and wet hair brushing. Hair knots and tangles are the normal cause of follicle breakage.

Prevention for these types of Hairloss.

With some types of hair loss common to either men or women, the universal hair loss addressed here have been shown to affect both men and women. some ways of helping alleviate these problems is to keep the chemical usage to a minimum. Also try to use your hair dryer on the lowest possible setting to reduce even more hair problems. An finally when brushing don't rush take it easy and be kind to your hair. The real answer to stopping hair loss is to alter your behavior before its starts, prevention is better than cure.