Stop Sweating And Body Odor Naturally

By Navneet Brar

Sweating is the body's normal response to the buildup of body heat. Also, it varies from person to person. Normally, women during menopause suffer heavy perspiration. Sweating increases but temporarily, if you consume more hot beverages, or those containing alcohol or caffeine.

Before we go through the tips on how to stop sweating and body odor naturally, you should know the treatments available. So, you can also stop sweating and body odor with these treatments as an alternate to home remedies which we will discuss after this:

1. Antiperspirants- Some doctors may recommend you to go for antiperspirants, depending upon the severity of your condition.

2. Surgery- For some, a surgery may help because it will remove the torturing sweat glands from your body. But, a surgery is only recommended for those who have persistent soreness and irritation sometimes caused by the use of antiperspirants or excessive sweating.

Alarming Signs Of Body Odor

1. unusual sweating patterns

If you notice a sudden increase in sweating or nighttime sweating, and without any specific cause, then its the time to pay an immediate visit to your doctor. These unusual sweating patterns might occur due to certain infections, thyroid gland dysfunction and certain forms of cancer.

2. shortness of breath

Excessive sweating associated with shortness of breath asks for an emergency. As this could be a sign of a heart attack.

3. change in odor

If you notice some change in odor occasionally, then this is a sure sign of some approaching disease. A fruity smell could be a sign of diabetes, or an ammonia-like smell could be a sign of liver disease.

So, these were the alarming signs of sweating and body odor. Quite certainly, this information will help you to combat certain problematic situations in your life. Also, you can benefit your near and dear ones with this information.

But what if you or your loved one cannot afford or does not want to go for such treatments? Then the only alternative left with you is to go for the natural treatment to cure excessive sweating and body odor, free of cost and without any side-effects.

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